Stop struggling with email automation.

Mailflow makes it easy to design beautiful email sequences in moments.

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Build sequences like flowcharts.

Set up automated magic with just a few clicks and map out entire campaigns in a clear, visual way

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Make your email campaigns that little bit cleverer.

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We all know email marketing works best when emails are personal and relevant. That's why we built Mailflow: to make it easy to personalise campaigns without all the hassle of segmenting multiple lists.

Mailflow's targeting works on the fly. Just set up the targeting conditions for an email and Mailflow will automatically send the right email to the right person, as soon as they match.

Make your campaigns look stunning — for everyone.

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Mailflow's drag and drop email editor makes it easy to create beautiful emails in moments. And because all emails created in Mailflow are responsive, they'll look great whether your customers are on mobile, tablet or desktop.

We even supply pre-built templates into which you can drop your content. Stop worrying about compatibility and code and instead concentrate on creating great content.

Seriously powerful features.

  • Targeting

    Stop thinking about segments and start thinking about individuals so your messaging can be truly personal

  • Timing

    Send your campaigns when recipients are at their most responsive, beyond time of day and based on actual behaviour

  • Wordpress

    Connect your Wordpress site in seconds to create custom forms and tag users based on onsite actions

  • Live analytics

    Don't wait until it's over – actually see what's working as it happens and adjust your campaigns on the fly

  • Integrations

    A full API and support for building custom integrations. Plus over 400 possible integrations through Zapier.

  • Sender profiles

    Manage multiple clients, campaigns and senders all from the one account and hot swap within campaigns

  • Automated tagging

    Learn more about the individuals within your audience based on the actions they take in campaigns and online

  • Timezones

    Set timezones at a local level, so you can automatically send each campaign at the right time of day

  • Full API

    Mailflow is built from the API up. The whole service runs off our API and yours can too

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